District Wrestling Preview


Forty-five local wrestlers will be competing in the district wrestling tournaments this week, with the top four finishers in each weight class advancing on to the state tournament March 13-14.

The D-I state tournament will be held at Hilliard Darby High School, the D-II tournament will be held at Marengo Highland High School and the D-III tournament will be held at Marion Harding High School.

Kettering D-I District

Wrestling gets underway at Trent Arena Thursday at 6 p.m. with the first seven weight classes wrestling two rounds.

Troy’s Nolan Fox (113) and Piqua’s Max Kaye (126) will be competing.

In the opening round, Fox, 13-11, will wrestle Bryan Hertel, 35-5, of West Clermont.

Kaye, 30-6, will wrestle P.J. Murphy, 27-8 of Cincinnati Elder in the opening round.

On Friday at 6 p.m., Piqua’s Isaac Bushnell (152) and Landen Martin (182) will compete in the opening two round.

Bushnell, 23-17, will wrestle Gage Starrett, 25-4, of Cincinnati Northwest in the opening round, while Martin, 27-10, will wrestle Parker Smith, 32-3, of Springboro.

On Saturday, there will be two sessions, with the lower weights in the first session and upper weights in the second session.

Wilmington D-II

The same three-day format will be used at Wilmington, with wrestling beginning Thursday at 3 p.m.

Opening round matches for Tippecanoe and Milton-Union Thursday include:

106: Noah Schwiterman (Tippecanoe) 17-3 vs. Timothy Woods (Franklin) 16-6; Gavin Deem (Milton-Union) 17-2 vs. Caleb Thomas (Monroe) 38-0.

113: Riley Logan (Tippecanoe) 16-4 vs. Wyatt Hinton (Norwood) 19-1.

120: Oliver Murry (Tippecanoe) 15-4 vs, Joe Perkins (Licking Valley) 27-8.

126: Andrew Collins (Milton-Union) 25-13 vs. Jeremy Cox (Norwood) 20-5.

132: Zach Avey (Milton-Union) 30-10 vs. Aidan Rush (Columbus DeSales) 17-4.

138: Nicholas Devlin (Milton-Union) 24-17 vs. Amir Harris (Trotwood-Madison) 19-0.

145: Henry Murry (Tippecanoe) 2-3 vs. Sean Beltran (Ross) 34-1.

Opening round matches for Milton-Union Friday include:

152: Colton Jacobe, 30-6 vs. Nathan Bryan (Wyoming) 16-4.

160: Nathan Barker, 25-10 vs. Ethan Guglielmi (Granville) 24-17.

195: Colton Hultgren, 29-8 vs. Cody Kidd (Blanchester) 22-10.

There will be two sessions Saturday, with the lower classes wrestling in the first session and upper classes wrestling in the second session.

Troy D-III

There will be a two-day format used at Hobart Arena.

There will be two sessions each day, with the lower weight classes in first seassion and upper weight classes in the second session.

Opening round matches Friday will include:

106: Olivia Shore (Miami East) 10-1 vs. Gavin Grubb (Convoy Crestview) 21-8; Michael Hagan (Covington) 38-1 vs. Pape Mbaye (North College Hill) 5-8; Kyle Schroer (Troy Christian) 11-9 vs. Brayden Orick (Carlisle) 13-13.

113: Cooper Shore (Miami East) 27-1 vs. Levi Griffin (Middletown Madison) 17-12; Carson Taylor (Covington) 33-3 vs. Hunter Sidle (Allen East) 24-15.

120: Max Shore (Miami East) 9-0 vs. Carson Dyer (Northridge) 10-8; Jason Shaffer (Troy Christian) 12-1 vs. Jordan Dillavou (Springfield Shawnee) 11-11.

126: Kellan Anderson (Covington) 21-3 vs. Mason Klosterman (Coldwater) 5-11; Chance Rust (Miami East) 18-18 vs. Nathan Opichka (Madeira) 15-4; Troy Kennedy (Troy Christian) 17-3 vs. Skyler Pokine (Parkway) 10-9.

132: Garrett Kowalak (Miami East) 19-12 vs. Arlie Benson (Greenon) 33-1; Davd Stumpff (Troy Christian) 7-6 vs. Ian Maurice (West Liberty-Salem) 17-5.

138: Cael Vanderhorst (Covington) 45-0 vs. Kaden Sarbough (Middletown Madison) 7-17; Layton Hughes (Miami East) 18-16 vs. Kade Wireman (Allen East) 32-3.

145: David Davis (Miami East) 28-4 vs. Jacob Hershberger (Allen East) 12-7; David Robinson (Covington) 27-11 vs. Rylan Hurst (Greeneview) 24-2.

152: Austin Awan (Troy Christian) 16-1 vs. Maddox Jurek (Spencerville) 20-14; Connor Sindelir (Covington) 32-12 vs. Trent Gatchell (Allen East) 30-10; Daniel Martin (Miami East) 15-10 vs. Gabe Wilson (Deer Park) 14-1.

160: Hunter Randall (Miami East) 12-16 vs. Hayden Pummell (Indian Lake) 32-0; Connor Havill (Troy Christian) 18-2 vs. Zane Hitchcock (Mechanicsburg) 16-8.

170: Trentin Alexander (Covington) 35-5 vs. Kaden Langdon (Carlisle) 20-9.

182: Lee Burkett (Troy Christian) 13-5 vs. Adam Myers (Springfield Shawnee) 22-2.

195: Anthony Stumpo (Lehman Catholic) 9-9 vs. Hayden Mattes (Clermont Northeastern) 30-2; Drake Bennett (Miami East) 20-10 vs. Andrew Hatter (Williamsburg) 7-5.

220: Dustin Winner (Miami East) 18-3 vs. Reuben Noriega (Spencerville) 28-7; Ricky Stephan (Covington) 15-10 vs. Timothy Smith (North College Hill) 11-0.

285: Scott Blumenstock (Covington) 17-16 vs. Preston Brown (Middletown Madison) 27-5; Evan Fogt (Lehman Catholic) 20-9 vs. Eli Criblez (Allen East) 39-3; Jayden Skeebey (Miami East) 10-11 vs. Jeff Meyer (Columbus Grove) 41-2.

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