Edison State to offer ‘bonus’ term online


PIUA — Edison State Community College is working in a variety of ways throughout the community to provide as much assistance as possible during this time of unprecedented emerging health crisis. Recognizing there are many people at home, not working or not traveling to their respective place of employment, Edison State has created an extra spring term credit course schedule. The additional term was made available in response to inquiries on the completion of certificates and online classes. This “bonus” term will begin on March 30 and end on May 23, providing a full eight weeks of online instruction.

Chancellor Randy Gardner of the Ohio Department of Higher Education praised Edison State for its assertive action. “In a most challenging time, Edison State is finding innovative ways to support the community and our workforce,” Gardner said. “President Larson and her team are doing a tremendous job.”

The courses offered span healthcare, degree transfer, computer basics, and general education. Edison State also has a variety of workplace training courses available online with rolling start dates. The college has taken additional steps to simplify and expedite enrollment in both credit and non-credit courses.

Edison State President, Dr. Doreen Larson states, “It can get depressing having a lot of extra time on one’s hands throughout this health emergency. Our team at Edison State hunkered down and created this extra term to give our community a positive way to use that downtime. We also have a designated service team to work quickly and individually with new students to make application and registration stress-free.”

Students should also be aware that the summer semester for Edison State begins on June 1, and they can register now for those courses as well.

For more information about Edison State’s Bonus term, visitwww.edisonohio.edu/makethemost.

If you need assistance with registration or have questions about Edison State’s bonus term, speak with a career pathway advisor by calling (937) 778-8600.

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