Electoral College should be abolished


To the Editor:

The lengthy and unpopular Iraq War was the direct result of the Electoral College handing George Bush the presidency, despite his losing the popular vote. Too bad that didn’t precipitate a serious and sustained examination of the role of the Electoral College then.

If there are any lingering reservations about the need to abolish the Electoral College, the election of Donald Trump should have dispelled them by now. Does any honest person truly believe that had the popular vote winner, Hillary Clinton, become president, she would have been responsible for the level of chaos, incompetence, immaturity, lying, and lawlessness, we’ve witnessed — including inciting insurrection?

Our democracy is hanging by a thread with the Electoral College poised as the “Sword of Damocles.” We should not waste any time in jettisoning the Electoral College, at least in its present form, in favor of the popular vote to elect our presidents. Trump has more clearly than ever, shown us the risks of the current system.

— Larry Brown

Tipp City

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