FFA holds awards program


CASSTOWN — The Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter recently held its 62nd annual Parent-Member Awards program. During the event social distancing and face coverings were worn. Highlights of the evening were:

• Mr. Bill Mote presented a gift to the Miami East FFA Chapter on behalf of the Doris McMillan Trust. The funds will be used for local scholarships and various FFA programs.

• Career Development Event teams were recognized for their participation. In the 2020-21 school year, FFA members competed in more than 200 competitions for an average of 2.5 events per member. The teams placing in thetop fice were Food Science and Technology, Agricultural Biotechnology, and Grain Merchandising.

• Michael Bair was recognized as being a 2020 National FFA Proficiency Winner in the area of Poultry Production.

• In 2020, the National FFA recognized the chapter as a 3-star National Chapter. The chapter is recognized as a 2021 Gold Medal Chapter and a top 10 in the state in the area of Building Communities.

• Three chapter officers, Carter Gilbert, Paige Pence and Libby Carpenter submitted officer books for review at the state evaluations. All three earned a gold rating. They will be further recognized at the 2021 state FFA convention.

• Three seniors participated in the Senior Capstone Experience where they learn through hands-on experiences with an agriculture company. Jimmy Sutherly, Seth Wells and Brayden Ingle present their employer with an appreciation plaque.

Chapter FFA Degree recipients

FFA members are given the opportunity to earn four degrees during their membership in the organization. The first is the Greenhand Degree represented by a bronze pin. Students were recognized who have reached the second degree were presented the Chapter FFA Degree. There were 26 candidates that met the minimum qualifications for this degree. The candidates were Madison Avey, Isaac Beal, Sydney Brittain, Luke Brunke, Keyara Davis, Ashlee Deaton, Katelynn Dill, Dottie Everett, Alex Fergerson, Ethan Fine, Jayden Gates, Megan Gilliland, Kylie Haught, Keira Kirby, Trenton Maxson, Jillian Niswonger, Matthew Osting, Ethan Paulus, Annabelle Penny, Adilyn Richter, Sera Rush, Kendal Staley, Sumsaar Thapa, Spencer Triplett, Dustin Winner and Braden Zekas.

Honorary Chapter FFA Degree

One of the premier goals of the FFA is to promote leadership among its students. The Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter would not be able to do special projects without some very special people. There was one individual recognized with the Honorary Chapter FFA Degree because of their continuous support of the FFA — Mr. Bill Mote.

Proficiency awards

Proficiency awards are designed to recognize the efforts of members who have outstanding Supervised Agricultural Experience programs and have kept accurate records. Winners of the 2021 Chapter Proficiency Awards were: Agricultural Services Placement — Kaitlyn Roop; Diversified Livestock Production — Paige Pence; Equine Management Placement — Rylee Puthoff; Goat Production — Emma Sutherly; Goat Production — Samuel Sutherly; Service Learning — Carter Gilbert; Small Animal Care and Production — Carter Gilbert; Sheep Production — Keira Kirby; and Vegetable Production — Lauren Wright.

Additional awards

Quality Supervised Agriculture Experience Programs are based on accurate record-keeping and perfected record books. Students with outstanding record books in each of the classes were freshman — Jadyn Maingi and Ty Roeth; sophomore — Jillian Niswonger and Annabelle Penn; junior — Kaitlyn Roop and Samuel Sutherly; and senior — Erin Baker and Rylee Puthoff.

High scholastics are an important part of each high school student’s life. Results of the students with the highest academic records in their entire high school career include Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources — Fletcher Harris, Alaina Helsinger and Ava Prince; Plant and Animal Science — Dottie Everett; Business Management — junior Emma Sutherly; and Livestock Science — senior Libby Carpenter.

Keira Kirby, Madison Maxson, Emma Sutherly, Morgan Nosker, Dustin Winner, Jadyn Bair, Dottie Everett, Isaac Beal, Paige Pence, Landin Putnam, Logan Phillips, Katelynn Dill, Gretchen Stevens and Adam Bensman were recognized for selling more than $1,000 worth of fruit during the chapter’s fruit sales. Keira Kirby was the highest-selling fruit salesperson. Samuel and Emma Sutherly were the highest averaging family for fruit sales. Elisabeth Norman was recognized for being the top salesperson in strawberry sales. Anthony and Landin Putnam were recognized for being the top family in strawberry sales.

American FFA Degree recipients

The American FFA Degree is the highest degree for a member to receive in the National FFA organization. This degree will be bestowed upon graduates at the upcoming National FFA Convention. Elizabeth Bair, Michael Bair, Ethin Bendickson, Savannah Holzen, Lucas Gilliland and Kearsten Kirby will receive their degree in October in Indianapolis, Ind.

State FFA Degree recipients

The State FFA Degree is the highest degree received in the state. About 2 percent of the state’s FFA membership earns their State Degree. Erin Baker, Sarah Blocher, Carter Gilbert, Jimmy Sutherly and Seth Wells were recognized.

Additional chapter awards were given for Star Greenhand to Fletcher Harris, Alaina Helsinger and Madison Maxson,; Excellence in Agriculture Award was Adam Bensman; Blue and Gold Award was Libby Carpenter; Chapter Star Farmer was Paige Pence; Star Chapter in Agribusiness was Carter Gilbert; Star in Job Placement was Seth Wells; and Star Chapter Leader was Lauren Wright.

Chapter officers installed

The 2021-22 Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter officers were installed. They are as follows: chaplain — Luke Brunke; sentinel — Samuel Sutherly; reporter — Kendal Staley; student advisor — Katie Larson; treasurer — Alaina Helsinger; secretary — Adilyn Richter; vice president — Emma Sutherly; and president — Isaac Beal.

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