Financial assistance offered at YMCA


MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County YMCA has financial assistance available to those who qualify.

Individuals who apply the YMCA’s Financial Assistance Program will be awarded assistance based on their demonstrated ability to pay through information requested and the YMCA’s ability to fund the assistance. Financial assistance forms are available at both the Piqua Branch YMCA and the Robinson Branch YMCA courtesy desks. You may also obtain an application on the Miami County YMCA website under the Membership Tab. The approval process for submitted applications, which are properly completed takes approximately two weeks or longer dependent upon the volume of applications received.

The Financial Assistance Program is made possible through the support of the YMCA Annual Support Campaign by individuals, corporations, and the Miami County United Way. In 2019, nearly 900 Miami County residents were awarded assistance valued at over $165,000.

Those eligible to apply include:

• Must reside or work in Miami County.

• Applications for youth memberships must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian.

• Assistance is granted based on financial need such as household income level, medical expense, etc.

• The Financial Assistance Program reduces the membership fee, it does not eliminate it. Qualifying applicants will be required to pay a portion of the membership fee.

• Assistance is granted for one year. Recipients of the Financial Assistance Program must reapply each year. Fees will be automatically restored to full rates for failure to reapply each year for assistance.

• Applications must be complete and provide proper verification of all household income for it to be considered.

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