Forget moonlighting!


By Kathy Henne

Contributing columnist

Can you imagine working two jobs at once, in two different locations, with one job providing your needed earnings while the other pays nothing? If you could be two places at once, which job would get the bulk of your attention – the one which pays or the one which doesn’t?

Homeowners sometimes place themselves in such a situation when they plant a “For Sale By Owner” sign in their yard. They often do not realize the responsibility that comes with the sign.

To successfully market a home, it is necessary to be available at all hours of the day – seven days a week. The home must be kept in model home condition, ready for showings – sometimes with only 30 minutes notice.

Research must be done to determine recent sale prices on comparable homes. A marketing campaign must be planned and implemented including brochures, direct mail, advertising, and website development. Mortgage loans must be arranged, appraisals and inspections coordinated, and … well… you get the picture.

Leading real estate specialists work full-time to sell homes. They have no other career. They understand the complexities of marketing a home, and are 100% committed to the achievement of your objectives. Amazingly, they get paid only after successfully selling your home.

Thinking of trying it as a “By Owner”? Here are a few things to consider. Most “For Sale By Owners” tend to attract buyers who are looking for a bargain and will assume they can cut the price to the bone since the seller has no representation. Most of these buyers will enter into negotiations with you without being pre-approved for their loan with a good lender. These deals will fall apart when there isn’t anyone with experience working to move the transaction along and resolve problems when they arise. You’ll probably be tied up in a contract that won’t close and loose valuable marketing time. You’ll also have the added risk of litigation when you have limited knowledge with disclosures and compliance obligations.

Consider all the risks before you plant the “For Sale By Owner” sign in your yard. You’ll find that a qualified, experienced real estate agent will save you time, money and stress in the sale of your home.

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