Fuller wins Troy District Spelling Bee


TROY — In a fast-paced spelling bee that was front-loaded with challenging words, Daniel Fuller, a fifth-grade student at Cookson Elementary School, was able to outlast and outpace the field to bring home the championship Thursday at the 2024 Troy District Spelling Bee in the Troy High School auditorium.

The entire spelling bee went just six rounds and was wrapped up in less than 30 minutes, on Thursday, Dec. 4.

The spelling bee runner-up was Eleanor Anderson, a fifth-grade student at The Miami Montessori School.

Fuller and Anderson were the final two contestants left in the fifth round. Fuller correctly spelled “dynasty,” while Anderson spelled “insolent” incorrectly. Fuller then moved into the championship round, where he correctly spelled “nitrogen” to bring home the district championship.

A total of 10 students won their school spelling bees to move on to the distinct championship. The other spellers were: Les Rose (seventh grade, Troy Junior High School), Trenton Duncan (Van Cleve Sixth Grade Building), Danica Creeger (fifth grade, Concord Elementary School), Farrah Garver (fifth grade, Forest Elementary School), Abi Jones (fifth grade, Heywood Elementary School), Emma Montgomery (fifth grade, Hook Elementary School), Isabell Kavcsak (sixth grade, Troy Christian Elementary School), Katie Tremblay (eighth grade, St. Patrick Junior High School).

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