Governor DeWine bans purchases of Russian goods and services, directs Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to divest Russian assets


Staff reports

COLUMBUS — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued the following statement regarding further action that the state of Ohio is taking in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “unprovoked and brutal” invasion of Ukraine, according to a press release from DeWine’s office.

“As Russian aggression continues to intensify against the people of Ukraine, I want to assure Ohioans that our state has no contracts with Russian businesses now and will not have any contracts for goods and services going forward. We will not support Russia with Ohio taxpayer dollars,” DeWine said in a statement.

DeWine went on to say the state is planning continued divestments from Russian assets, saying, “In addition, I am calling on the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to divest of any Russian assets within the Bureau’s investment portfolios as soon as possible. I also want to encourage our state pension funds’ efforts to divest themselves of any Russian assets.

“Ohioans stand with the people of Ukraine and all of the freedom-loving people of the world against this unprovoked and unconscionable invasion that has led to so much suffering and destruction.”

On Thursday, DeWine signed an executive order prohibiting state of Ohio investment or purchasing activity that would aid Russia in violating the rights of the Ukrainian people. DeWine ordered state agencies, boards and commissions, state educational institutions, and pension funds, to the extent practicable, to divest any investment in and terminate any contracts with a Russian institution or company.

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