Governor hasn’t protected us from gun violence


To the Editor:

When I turned on my TV I heard the Boulder, Colorado police chief reading the names of 10 individuals killed in a horrible massacre.

This reminded me of August 2019 when nine were killed and 17 injured in the Oregon District in the Dayton, Ohio mass killing.

Governor DeWine stood in front of heartbroken and angry mourners chanting do something and vowed to answer that call.

One year later, after two mass shootings in Cincinnati, DeWine said “as more people are killed by gun violence, I am urging Ohio legislators to pass a strong Ohio gun violence bill.”

What did DeWine do for us in Ohio in 2021? He signed off on a ridiculous stand your ground law that will only promote more unnecessary shootings.

Thanks for nothing DeWine, nice to see you have a moral conscience and you keep your promises.

— George Riegle


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