Guess What’s New in Reading?


Guess What’s New in Reading

By Marianne Murray Guess

Here we go slip sliding down in the eleventh and penultimate month of the year — November! This month is about book signing because the author’s signatures increase the value of the books for collectors. At in person appearances by authors today. they spend a great deal of time signing their books. We will have two signings in November, one on the 13th and the other on the 27th at New & Olde Pages Book Shoppe. Let’s take a look at the authors on the 13th.

RANDY OVERBECK: Overbeck will be here with his bestseller books including “Blood on the Chesapeake,” “Crimson on Cape May” and “Scarlet at Crystal River.” He will also have other bestselling books as well. Overbeck says,“take some time to get to know me and other previous and current novels.” Overbeck has garnered national awards including “Thriller 0f the Year.”

SAMANTHA SCHINDER: Schinder’s Alma Mater is Indiana University, and she is a military veteran. She likes to travel the world and jump out of airplanes. She will be with us with her “Deliverance” series. There are four “Deliverance” books, and she will have them for you to look at. In “Deliverance,” there is power in a name. On the Island of Nar, only that power and little else. Though life is oppressive on the carefully male-dominated isle, it is all they ever knew. “Deliverance” tugs at the mind, asking tough questions about the nature of oppression. Other people have said, “Masterful, unexpected plot, beautifully written, I literally could not put it down.”

MIKE LANG: Grilling just got better. Lang says nothing beats cracking open a crisp brew over a flame grilled steak. But who wants to be stuck behind the grill all day? With Lang’s book “One-Beer Grilling,” you can create that awesome, smoked-infused meat before you finish your first cold one. He also says you will be complete with grill-savvy tips to master the flame and a variety of recipes from food groups like red meat and pizza. You’ll kick back with great food in no time with over 75 mouthwatering dishes with friends and family. You will spend less time grilling and more chilling.

MARJORIE J. PRESTON & FRIENDS: I have to tell you that Preston has compiled a bunch of the best Ohio jokes and spun them into a little joke book called, “Oh! That’s Funny — 100 Hilarious Ohio Jokes.” Some people wrote and others passed it around for years. Old gems, new twists and old themes are all here. This is a gift for die-hard Buckeyes as well as those just passing through. Preston said, “This book began with a snowstorm at the end of 2012 and finishes during a snowstorm at the beginning of 2013. Preston also says, “Enjoy!” Here’s a little snippet — “There are four seasons in Ohio: Winter, more winter, still winter and road constructions.” Makes you want to think about moving.

Book signings provide more than just a chance to obtain signatures. Authors and bookstores, many like us, also like to allow contact with their fans. For fans, signing provides a chance to see and meet a favorite author and ask them questions. So, mosey into New & Olde Pages Book Shoppe and see our people and the authors above. We’re in Englewood at 856 Union Boulevard across from Kroger. Contact the bookshop at [email protected] or 937-832-3022. Have a great book signing, everyone!

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