Guess What’s New in Reading?


School’s out, folks, and the children are thinking about what they should do, especially since the pandemic is settling down. I’ve prepared several books for popular teens and young adults that include friendship, first love, relationships and fiction. Here are some authors that are bestsellers.

Emily Bliss: Welcome to Rainbow Realm, and the enhanced land of the Unicorn Princesses where “Sunbeam’s Shine.” My granddaughters love this series where a wizard-lizard casts a spell that accidentally robs Princess Sunbeam of her yellow sapphire. Without it, she loses her powers to have the ability to create light and heat. Check out this series, all it takes is believing.

Tui T, Sutherland: What kind of name is that? Is it short for something? Nope. Tui’s books come right out of New Zealand with the bestselling Wing of Fire series. I also have a couple of grandsons who love to read her “Wings of Fire – The Dangerous Gift.” This is about a young dragon called Snowball. She must lead her tribe of wandering dragons. She thinks it’s a perfect, simple plan near the Ice Cliff Wall, but a wall can’t protect them. Maybe she can only keep her tribe safe if she’s willing to risk everything. Tui said, “My Mom named a bird after me called Tui, not the usual Kiwi, but a heck of a lot noisier.”

Erin Hunter: This is a comeback series by Erin Hunter and is definitely on our radar. The “Warriors Into the Wild ” series starts with four clans of cats who share the forest. It has epic adventures, fierce warrior cats and a thrilling fantasy world. Fire can save the clan and he may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all. The saga continues so don’t miss a single Warrior series. The books are on paperback and have an interest level from 4 to 8.

Leigh Bardugo: She is an Israeli-America author and loves to write young adult fiction. Her “Shadow and Bone” trilogy is perfect for teens and young adults. It is set in a fascinating, unique world and is rich with detail. Alina Starkov is a soldier who knows she may not survive her first trek across the Shadow Fold – a swath of unusual darkness crawling with monsters. It will make a dangerous discovery that could threaten all she loves and the very future of the nation. The Guardian says, “Utterly, extremely bewitching” Now that is what fantasy is for.

Maureen Donphy: This is her book all about “The Great Lakes.” Between the Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day she makes a total of 27 trips to 136 Great Lakes Basin Islands. The chain of lakes that runs along the U.S. and Canadian border and includes Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario. Where did the Great Lakes come from? What is happening to them now? Learn all this, as well as how you can help the Great Lakes for the future. Think about this – what about the ice ages, the Anishinaabe people, the new France plus shipwrecks and pirates all have in common. Why, The Great Lakes of course!

The history of young adult literature is tied to the history of how childhood and adulthood have been perceived. Writers recognize young adults as a distinct group. Young Adult(YA) fiction is now a category written from 8 years all the way to 21 years. Enjoy young reader books, everyone!

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