Harris Creek Cemetery transfer


COVINGTON — The Harris Creek Cemetery Association has decided to dissolve and turn over the cemetery and assets to Newberry Township of Miami County.

While there will be a transition period, this will be tentatively effective as of Jan. 1, 2024. All cemetery services will continue, with new pricing and rules to follow current township policies.

The cemetery was founded in 1886 by three Church of the Brethren congregations; Harris Creek, Bradford, and Oakland. Each church placed a trustee on the cemetery association board to govern and care for the grounds independently of the churches. The cemetery’s sole source of income was the sale, opening, and closing of graves. It has always used a volunteer workforce, contracting for any additional needed services. The last several years have been a struggle to remain financially solvent while maintaining the standard of care that families have expected for their loved ones. With all of the volunteers also advancing in age, it has been a decision made with a heavy heart to turn the cemetery over to Newberry Township.

Newberry Township comprises all of the Covington area and the Miami County side of Bradford. Other active cemeteries that the township maintains and operate include: Friedens, Greenville Creek, Highland, and Priest. There are also four non-active cemeteries to include: Arnold, Union Church, Johnson, and St. Paul’s Lutheran. The mausoleum at Highland Cemetery of Covington was also recently acquired by the township. The township has used grant money to restore the century old structure and reopen it for internments.

Should you have any questions or needs on any of the aforementioned cemeteries, please contact Newberry Township at 937-473-3201. The office and garage are located at the rear of Highland Cemetery 7835 Ingle Road Covington, Ohio. You may also contact any one of the Newberry Township Trustees: J. Jason Sargent, Mike Maniaci, or Dusty Furrow.

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