Health department provides COVID-19 update


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MIAMI COUNTY — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has Miami County listed as a High Level of Community Transmission for COVID-19.

Since Aug. 1, there have been 551 new cases, 35 hospitalizations, and 7 new deaths due to COVID-19 as reported for Miami County. This is 331 more cases than what was reported for the month of July at 221 cases.

Miami County, like most of the United States, is seeing a significant surge in new COVID-19 cases due to the more contagious delta variant. Miami County Public Health officials stated, with schools starting over the next few weeks, it is now more important than ever that everyone do their part to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

“In-person learning is an important aspect in the development of our children, and to ensure that students stay in class this year is to create the safest environment possible,” Miami County Public Health officials stated in a press release. “We have extremely effective tools to help us do just that, continue social distancing when possible, wearing a mask or facial covering, and our most effective tool, getting a vaccine.”

Currently, Miami County has 41% of the population vaccinated, with 75% needed to reach herd immunity that will protect those most vulnerable and those who cannot be vaccinated.

There are three COVID-19 vaccine options available:

• Moderna: a 2-dose option for ages 18 and older

• Pfizer: a 2-dose option for ages 12 and older

• Johnson & Johnson: 1 dose for ages 18 and older

Miami County Public Health is offering appointments for any of the available vaccines. To make an appointment, call 937-573-3518 or 937-573-3520.

For more information regarding the CDC’s data, visit CDC COVID Data Tracker at

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