Hissong nature photography on display at Hayner


For Miami Valley Today

TROY — Miami County Park District naturalist Tom Hissong will display his nature photography as part of the “Nature’s Wonders at the Miami County Park District” exhibit at the Troy- Hayner Cultural Center now through May 9 during regular business hours.

“We are very thankful to the staff at Troy-Hayner Cultural Center working with us to share Tom’s photos. We are fortunate to have a such a wonderful place for art of all kinds to be displayed in our community,” Miami County Park District Executive Director J. Scott Myers.

The exhibit features photos of plants and wildlife in the various county parks.

“The Miami County Park District’s many beautiful parks hold fantastic year-round natural treasures for nature photographers. I visit the parks throughout the entire year so that I can be outdoors to look for subjects for my photographic images. Spring brings delicate wildflowers and many colorful migratory birds, summer is a time for frogs, turtles, butterflies and nesting birds, fall is color all around — everywhere you look, and winter brings a soft peaceful snow-covered landscape. I enjoy all of the parks for their wonderful, maintained trails and diversity of habitats at each,” Hissong said.

“I am honored to be able to display my photographs at the wonderful Troy-Hayner Cultural Center,” Hissong said. “It is important to have a place where people can share their artistic works with the people of the Troy and Miami County community. I hope that people who view my photographic images will go away with a deeper appreciation for the natural world and for the rich diversity of life found in the Miami County Park District’s parks.”

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