Holiday tour features Keyt House


PIQUA — Located at 718 N. Wayne St. is the David Keyt House. At this address stands a Greek Revival brick house constructed circa 1850. Greek Revival architecture is characterized by the two flat faced, full height columns on the front. These were typical of similar homes built in Ohio at the time and were intended to represent the front of a Greek Temple. The original double door front entrance is common to the Victorian era.

The house was built by David Keyt, a local carpenter who worked at a nearby sawmill. The house was known as the Keyt house even after it was sold several times. Across the years its condition deteriorated until it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Good in 1961. The Goods committed to restoring it to its original condition, adding only the modern elements of a new heating and plumbing system and rewiring it to present building codes. Today the house interior looks essentially the same as it did when Keyt had it built.

The house rests on a foundation of quarried stone walls 18-20 inches thick. All rooms have 14-foot ceilings. The floors are pine. A hand carved cherry staircase in the entrance hall was added in 1890. While there have been several additions, including a side porch, the main house is basically as it was when it was built.

Tickets to see this home along with four other beautiful historic properties during the Piqua-Caldwell Historic District’s Historic Holiday Home Tour are now available online at and at Readmore’s Hallmark in Piqua for $25 per person.

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