How to cast your vote in Ohio’s extended primary


The coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic disrupted Ohio’s primary election on March 17, 2020, but absentee, mail-in voting for this election has been extended to April 28, 2020.

Governor DeWine and his administration were forced to make the difficult decision to close the polls for in-person voting on March 17 in the interest of public health. What transpired that day is unprecedented in modern times, but was necessary to avoid substantial health risks to both poll workers and to voters themselves.

Since that time, the legislature has passed new, emergency legislation that will allow Ohioans to continue voting through an extended absentee voting process. The Ohio Senate and Ohio House of Representatives each unanimously passed a bill extending absentee voting for Ohio’s primary election to April 28. This allows Ohioans who were not able to vote in person on March 17 to submit their vote via an absentee ballot. Governor DeWine signed this bill into law on Friday, March 27.

If you are a registered voter, here’s how you can still cast your vote:

Request an Absentee Ballot: There are two options to request an absentee ballot:

1) You can call your County Board of Elections, or

2) You can go online at to print a request for an absentee ballot.

Mail Your Absentee Ballot Request: Please accurately complete the absentee ballot request and mail it to your respective County Board of Elections.

Cast Your Vote: Upon receiving your absentee ballot, make your selections and mail in your ballot using the pre-paid return envelope to cast your vote. Your mailed ballot must be postmarked by April 27, 2020 or be dropped off at your County Board of Elections’ secure curbside box at the address above by 7:30 p.m. on April 28, 2020.

If you have already voted in this year’s primary, your vote will count. Special provisions have been made for Ohioans with disabilities or those unable to receive mail. For more information on Ohio’s primary process or elections in general, visit For coronavirus information, prevention guidelines and resources, visit or call the Ohio Department of Health at 1-833-4-ASK-ODH.

My staff and I are available to help you. Please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] or call me at (614) 466-6247.

Rep. Steve Huffman

Guest Columnist

Steve Huffman is serving his second term as state representative for the 80th Ohio House District, which covers Miami County and parts of Darke County. He also is the former Miami County Coroner.

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