Huber Heights income tax levy on May 2 ballot


By Haylee Pence

[email protected]

HUBER HEIGHTS – Residents in the city of Huber Heights will have the opportunity to vote on the continuation of an existing levy that will be on the Miami County May 2 primary election ballot.

The issue is to allow a “continuation of an existing .25% levy on income for a period of 10 years,” according to the ballot language. In a presentation held during a town hall on March 8, the tax rate will remain the same as the previous tax that is expiring.

According to Bryan Chodkowski, city of Huber Heights acting city manager, “The reason this 0.25% earnings tax is expiring is the same reason why the city is asking the voters to consider a 10-year renewal: to provide the voters of Huber Heights with an opportunity to hold their government accountable for the delivery of services.”

If passed, the levy would begin Jan. 1, 2025, and end on Dec. 31, 2034.

According to the city of Huber Heights website, the tax “has funded Huber Heights emergency services since 2015.”

In a presentation held during the March 8 town hall, it was stated that “the city can only spend this money on fire, police, and EMS. The money that is generated from this tax is exclusively earmarked to fund Huber Heights fire police, and EMS.”

In a pamphlet available on the website, it states the tax levy is on earned income and “does not tax social security, unemployment, or pensions.” The pamphlet also provides information about what will happen if the tax renewal passes or fails. If the renewal passes, “the city will maintain current emergency services and implement safety measures that will increase efficiency.” If the renewal does not pass, “the city will be forced to make cuts to emergency and safety services and other city services. A plan proposing specific cuts is forthcoming,” said the pamphlet.

Chodkowski said, “Since the 0.25% earning tax for police, fire, and EMS services was approved by voters nearly 10 years ago, criminal activity within the city has decreased.”

He referenced the police staffing presentation which was presented on June 7, 2022 and can be founsd at

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