Hylio Educational Clinic set for March 20


COVINGTON — Famous test pilot Chuck Yeager once said, “The sky is not the limit, it’s just the beginning.” His words ring true as agriculture continues to turn to aviation and new technology. Local equipment dealership, Apple Farm Service, has accepted this change as the area’s only dealer for Hylio Ag Spraying Drones.

Hylio Ag Spraying drones are a new tool on the farm. Headquartered and built in Texas, these drones range from 2.6-to 18-gallons and spray between 20- to 40-feet-wide.

“There’s a lot to learn with these new drones,” said Matt Apple, vice president of Apple Farm Service. “That’s why were offering a free educational clinic so you can learn about sprayer drones and the future of drone spraying.”

Apple Farm Service will hold its first Hylio Educational Clinic on Wednesday, March 20, at 10 a.m., at their Covington location, 10120 W. Versailles Road, Covington. The free clinic will focus on important topics for those who are interested in learning more about ag sprayer drones with Hylio.

“Some of these topics include where and when drone spraying makes sense, capabilities and models of the Hylio drones, and a chance for extensive Q&A about drone spraying and Hylio. We’re also giving visitors a chance to see and try the drones and software as we demo these drones on an adjacent field.”

Apple Farm Service hopes this meeting helps answer common questions such as:

-When can I legally spray?

-What requirements do I need to spray?

-What’s the differences between different drone companies & models?

-When does it makes sense to use a drone?

-How does parts and service work on drones?

-How can I make drones worth the investment?

The Hylio clinic is open to anyone interested in learning more about Hylio or agricultural sprayer drones. Those interested can RSVP at AppleFarmService.com/HylioMeeting, or call the Covington store at 937-526-4851 and press 0 for the operator. Lunch is provided after the meeting, RSVP before March 13. Those with further questions can email the Hylio team at [email protected].

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