It is Troy schools’ time


To the Editor:

This letter is written in support of our upcoming school levy on March 17! We (proud Troy graduates) are very excited about the new school plan! We hope, as you read this letter, you take a few minutes to imagine what more than half of our students will experience in these new buildings!

First, the safety features will be updated and each building will be handicap-accessible. Students will be able to attend schools close to their own homes instead of being transported across the city to those buildings that can accommodate all students.This also means that hearing- and sight-impaired students will have alerts that get their attention.

Newly-designed learning spaces will support instructional practices and technologies.Students will work in spaces that are flexible and encourage both independent and collaborative, interactive learning. These interactions will connect our Trojans to others across the county, state, country, world and beyond. Increased energy efficiency means less cost for utilities and a contribution toward a greener world. (Some students are already designing green rooftop models to help with energy conservation). Can’t you just feel the excitement of our school’s youngsters?!?

As parents who have supported/ appreciated the Troy City Schools for more than 25 years, we look forward to doing the very same for our future grandchildren. We support the cost (about an extra $50 per month, or one nice meal out for us) and welcome this investment in both the educational system and our community! When we look around our area, from Bradford to New Carlisle, Piqua to Dayton, we see and hear about the new school buildings that bring about such pride! We truly believe It is our turn to experience the development of these new schools and come together as a community to create these learning environments in ways that only Trojans can!

Here’s hoping you can see the faces on our children, hear their laughter and joy and feel their excitement as they learn! We hope that you can imagine the adults welcoming them into these new learning spaces! We hope that you are registered to vote and have informed yourself of this plan by looking at the websites ( or and/or attending at least one of the many community meetings.

Join us in voting YES, so that we can offer our Trojans wonderful new schools!

Go Trojans!

— Aaron and Stephanie Johnson


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