It’s our turn Troy


To the Editor:

On March 17, the Troy schools’ community will have an opportunity to make a long-lasting positive difference in our schools and community.

Your Yes vote for the Troy Schools’ bond issue will provide the funding to build four new elementary school buildings and one new fifth-sixth grade building.

Please take a few minutes and read the pertinent information about the project on the Troy schools’ website. Doing so will answer many of your questions about the various aspects of this very important opportunity. Many school districts in our area have built new schools using “state money.”

We have financially contributed to the construction of these new schools with our Ohio state taxes (“state money”). Now it’s Troy’s turn to have our Ohio neighbors help us build needed new school buildings with that same “state money.” Soon after completion of our new school buildings, the state of Ohio will reimburse the Troy Schools with $31.8 million of state tax money (32 percent of the entire $98.7million cost of construction). This reimbursement will result in a reduction of our original tax levy for the construction project.

A win-win for all of us! In our opinion, this is an opportunity we cannot afford to pass up! Please join us in voting Yes for the Troy City Schools bond issue on the March 17 ballot.

— Tom and Anne Mercer


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