J.R. Clarke hosts rededication and anniversary event


COVINGTON – The Covington community joined together on Sunday, Oct. 2, to celebrate the “rededication of the J.R. Clarke Public Library and the 160th anniversary year of the birth of J.R. Clarke” at the library.

Library Director, Cherie Roeth, said, “We all had a wonderful time talking and reminiscing about the library’s history, talking with family members of J.R. Clarke, seeing old friends and welcoming new ones.”

Roeth believes that more than 75 people attended the event throughout the two hours of the celebration, including local business owners, first responders, Covington Village Council members, school district members, patrons, and library volunteers.

Library staff member, Erin Dillon said, “It was a fantastic turnout. We had a great time enjoying the new features of the library.”

The library staff will be continuing their celebration throughout the week by having flyers and informational packets available along with their slideshow presentation of the process of the renovations which can be found in the children’s section upstairs. They will also have mementos available to the patrons.

Laurie Deubner, J.R. Clarke storytime teacher, better known by the children as Miss Laurie, commented, “I love [this space]. It looks and feels like a classroom and the children love it down here. I miss the cave. I used to take the children through there for a bear hunt, where I would hide stuffed bears for them to find.”

The cave was a part of the basement section that housed books for the library book sale and other various items. Deubner discussed the upgrades to the community room and the new supplies for the children to use, including upgrades to the technology available.

“A library is a place that isn’t just for reading, but a place to gather. Libraries nowadays are transforming into a kind of community center that the community can use. The renovations have brought us up in time to make this a community area with the better technology. For the kids, a library is a magical place,” said Dillon.

Roeth concluded by thanking “everyone who had a part in preparing for and presenting this special time, including the J.R. Clarke Library trustees, our library staff, Friends of JRC, Brian Kendall and Ben Robinson for assisting with the slide show, members of the J.R. Clarke family, the Lifewise Academy, Susie’s Big Dipper, Adam’s Greenhouse, Andrew Circle, Architectural Firm, and so many others who have blessed Covington with their show of faith that our library is ‘alive and well’ and will continue our service to community, school, businesses, organizations, and of course, our very loyal patrons.”

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