Kathy Henne: Become a dream seller


Have you ever tried to sell a dream? That’s what most buyers are looking for when they begin searching for their new home. They’re looking for peace, security, clean surroundings, safety, and a place to entertain their friends — their dream home.

Buyers are rarely looking to purchase nails, boards, shingles, or paint. Nor do they want grass, garage doors, or shutters. What they really want is a home – that very special place that warms their heart.

If you’re planning to sell soon, ask yourself, “Is my home a dream come true?” If the answer is questionable, you may have some work to do before marketing your home. The key to selling a dream home is creating the dream before the first buyer ever sees it.

Begin by asking an experienced, local real estate agent for an assessment of your home’s condition. It’s called a “walk-through.” The agent plays the part of a buyer, giving you suggestions ranging from the needed major repairs to minor cosmetic touch-ups.

Please heed this advice. Be certain all repairs and improvements are underway before the first prospect sees your home. Remember, you’re selling a dream, not possibilities. Prospective buyers must be able to see, touch, and feel their dream when they walk through the front. Many buyers tell me that they knew it was the right home for them when they first walked in – it just felt like home.

Offer you home in mint condition when it’s time to sell. Buyers will reward you with an offer you’ll be able to accept.

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