Kathy Henne: Bring ‘Em On!


In a highly competitive industry like real estate, what reasons would a seller have for going it alone in our local Real Estate Market? Not surprisingly, the majority of unrepresented sellers choose to sell By Owner in order to avoid paying a commission.

Before traveling the For Sale By Owner route, consider the following question. Would you be willing to pay a commission if a local real estate agent brought a ready, willing, and able buyer to you?

Focusing too much on commission might be penny-wise, but dollar foolish, especially when you learn that homes sold by realty professionals fetch 18% more than those sold by unrepresented sellers. The 18% is about three times the fee that many brokerages charge for their valuable service, so it’s easy to see how paying for representation is likely to put more money in your pocket, not less.

What’s the explanation for the difference in sales prices? Most commonly, it comes down to the fact that unrepresented sellers are showing their home to a much smaller universe of buyers than the one that real estate agents can bring. By exposing your property to the widest segment of qualified buyers, you significantly increase your chances of a good offer from a genuinely motivated, qualified buyer.

Honestly discuss your concerns with an agent you trust who will give you quality service and create a valuable relationship. You’ll have more money and less stress.

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