Kathy Henne: Certify that pre-owned home


If you’re looking to have a smoother home sale, your real estate agent may have an unexpected suggestion. Although many sellers assume that it is the responsibility of the buyers to pay for an inspection, having one performed when you first list your home can go a long way towards attracting a great offer from confident buyers.

Think about it. If you’re aware of flaws and needed repairs before you begin marketing your home, you can correct potential problems before the buyers even have a chance to think about negotiating a lower price for repairs. Sellers can expect an offer that is two dollars less for every dollar in needed improvements, so why would you give away that money when you can save it by simply investing in a timely inspection?

An inspection at the beginning of the listing also reduces time and stress before closing, because there’s no rushing around to get requested repairs done at the last minute. You’re also establishing good will right off the bat, creating an atmosphere of trust and honesty up front.

All of these aspects greatly increase the chances that the buyers will make a great offer and follow through to closing without any doubts, delays or picky repair negotiations. Like a quality used car, giving your home the “Certified Pre-Owned” label will encourage buyer’s seal of approval!

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