Kathy Henne: Crash course in real estate


When you’re buying a home, who do you think is the most important person in the transaction? YOU, of course! That doesn’t mean you won’t need experienced professionals for guidance and assistance.

While home ownership is called the American Dream, it’s a shame that nobody teaches it in school. Most folks face the biggest purchase of their life without any personal experience. That’s why it’s critical for someone to help you understand everything that happens during the process, whether it’s your accountant, your loan officer, or your trusted real estate consultant.

You’ll need explanations to questions like how much home can you afford? How do you get the best loan? Do you choose a new home or a resale? Which properties will increase in value? Where do you begin.

Since YOU are in charge, surround yourself with a team of experts in every aspect of the transaction, all of whom can be coordinated by your local real estate agent.

Plan from the very beginning to educate yourself and approach your purchase with confidence and intelligence. Then you’ll be sure to find that home of your dreams and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ve made the right decisions all along. Ready to flex those buying muscles?

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