Kathy Henne: Don’t raise the red flag


Have you ever chosen merchandise at a store, then put it back on the shelf when you discovered a flaw, or noticed that the box had already been opened, then resealed by the store? The slightest visible defect can raise a red flag, causing you to nix the purchase in favor of another item.

The same thing happens in real estate. Suppose you are considering a particular home that seems to offer everything you want. Upon close inspection, however, you notice a collection of drain cleaners, solvents, and clog removers under the kitchen sink.

What if the furnace pilot light is kept company by several dozen burnt stick matches? What if the air condition filter hasn’t been replaced in five seasons and looks the part? Would you suspect problems?

If there were a water spot on the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom, would you buy the home without checking the floor of the upstairs bath just above it? In doubt about the structural integrity of the home, you would likely continue your search elsewhere.

Don’t take shortcuts when selling your home. Don’t try to gloss over minor defects, nor ignore major ones. Today’s home buyers are sophisticated, and quickly recognize poor quality. They also recognize pride of ownership and will respond positively when they see it.

To achieve an early sale, ask your real estate representative to help identify needed improvements, and then make them before offering your home for sale. Offer your home in first class condition, and buyers will pay a fair price.


By Kathy Henne

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