Kathy Henne: Finding the right agent


Are you aware that over two million people in the United States have real estate licenses? With that many agents, the seed quickly separates from the chaff, with a small percentage rising to the top in quality service to buyers and sellers.

As you consider the mountains of documentation, financing, negotiating, marketing, inspections and the like, where would you begin to locate the agent best suited to your needs? It makes sense to start at home, with those individuals who stand out in your community.

It makes sense to work with someone who is active within and knowledgeable about the local community. More information for your choice of representative can be found through marketing, and referrals and recommendations from your neighbors, and local business leaders.

Once you’ve selected a real estate agent, make sure your relationship is clearly defined and documented. Make sure your representative explains how he or she works with all parties to the transaction, and provides an “agency disclosure” to document your relationship.

Then your agent will begin discussion of local market conditions and how they come to bear upon your listing or your purchase. A carefully selected representative from your community will provide all the information you need to move forward with confidence.

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