Kathy Henne: Have an escape plan


Selling a home has its challenges, some of which go beyond the obvious aspects of determining an asking price and developing a marketing plan. Just trying to keep your home in immaculate condition while living there is no easy feat, not to mention being prepared for showings at any given moment. However, experience proves that there are some basic steps to take to alleviate these stresses.

First, be prepared with a large plastic storage tub for each room. When an agent and the buyers are on their way for a showing, quickly unclutter each room by placing toys, personal items, and knick-knacks in the tubs and putting them in a closet. Then it’s easy to replace everything once your visitors have left.

Also have your “escape plan” determined. Decide in advance where you’ll run off to for thirty minutes or so while your home is being shown. Maybe you’ll go down to the park or to a neighbor’s home. If you have pets that you are removing from your home for the showings, maybe your neighbor will allow your pet to stay in their yard. It helps to know where you’ll go before you hop in the car and start driving around aimlessly waiting for your future buyers to clear out of your home.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, be flexible in your scheduling, as restrictions on you home’s availability for showings may cause you to loose a qualified buyer. With a little preparation, you can be ready for anything.

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