Kathy Henne: How will you decide?


Are you good at making “snap” judgments, or do you prefer to take your time when making important decisions? When selling your home, you’ll have the opportunity to do both.

Selling a home is obviously a major undertaking. Before accepting a buyer’s offer, you need to know how it affects your bottom line — the amount of cash you will receive from the sale. You may need time to move from the home, or to buy another one.

But wait! What if you receive a purchase offer with a quick acceptance dead line? Are you prepared to act quickly?

The period during which your home is offered for sale is the time in which you should be preparing for any big decisions. Ask your agent to help you analyze the effects of a low offer or unusual financing. Learn what effect different types of offers might have on your financial picture. Decide where you will go if a buyer wants a fast closing and early occupancy.

In other words, consider the possibilities and make your decisions early, while there is no pressure to act. Most serious, motivated buyers have a deadline for making a purchase. As a result, they may insert a clause in their offer allowing the sellers only a short period of time to accept or reject their offer. They may have a second choice home that they will go on to if they are unable to work out an agreement with you.

Sellers who are unprepared for a sudden offer from a good buyer may miss a valuable opportunity. To sell your home successfully, ask your agent to answer questions before a buyer arrives — then be prepared to respond quickly to any offers received.


By Kathy Henne

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