Kathy Henne: Impress the beholder


It takes an innovative marketing plan to cause a home to sell. To attract serious homebuyers, it must also be priced fairly. What else must be done to market a home quickly and at the best price?

Buyers are in search of their dream home. If priced reasonably, they will purchase the home which best reflects their idea of that dream, and it is the sellers who are in charge of making it happen.

Experience has found that buyers often reduce their purchase offers by as much as $2 for every $1 in uncompleted repairs. Sellers won’t have to face those disappointing offers if attention is paid to their home before it is ever shown to the buyers.

The best method for improving buyer appeal is a walk through by the seller’s real estate agent. The agent, playing the part of a prospective buyer, can offer suggested upgrades, repairs, and cosmetic improvements.

Next the seller should contact a home inspector with recommendations from their real estate agent. Plan to be with the inspector during the whole house and termite inspections so the inspector can explain any needed repairs. If a defect is present in the home, it will be found eventually. It’s best for the seller to find it and repair it in the beginning. If the seller waits for the buyer to do the inspections and a defect is found, the buyer may run for the hills and the deal may fall apart.

With their list in hand, the sellers should complete all the work before the home is shown to buyers and their agents. Neither a prospective buyer, nor another agent, should ever see the home until it’s in marketable condition.

Excuses made at a showing are an open invitation to a reduced price offer. When a buyer is disappointed, no explanation will suffice to bring the price back up.

When selling, ask you agent for advice, and then take action. Buyers will often compete to purchase a beautiful home in good repair.

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