Kathy Henne: Jump start your home’s heart!


As a seller in our current real estate climate (or any market, for that matter) you know that your home’s features must stand out against those of the competition. First you need to understand what local home buyers are looking for, and then you must decide how much money and elbow grease to invest to make those wishes come true.

History shows that the kitchen is the best place to make your impression, and it can be done for less than a king’s ransom. Got old linoleum, vinyl or chipped tiles on your kitchen floor? You can install laminate that looks like new tile, stone or wood for just $3 to $7 per square foot! If you watch for the sales, you’ll save even more.

You can show off your flooring with updated light fixtures. Under-cabinet lighting is easily installed, and a gorgeous overhead light will brighten things up for less than $100.

A coat of fresh paint and some new hardware are very reasonable ways to go if you want your old cabinets to impress new homeowners. Chipped appliances can be re-enameled to their original luster. It may cost just a few hundred dollars, but you’d be well advised to hire a professional for this kind of refinishing.

For more budget-wise suggestions, ask your experienced local real estate adviser to do a “walk through” of your home before the first potential buyers come through that front door!

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