Kathy Henne: Lights…Camera…Action!


There’s a big difference between listing a home and selling a home on the local real estate market. No where is this more evident than on the internet, which has evolved into an excellent advertising medium. The world wide web can play a large role in exposing your home to a wide world of potential buyers.

Many buyers begin their search online six months to a year before they actually purchase a home. They do this to educate themselves about neighborhoods and to locate homes in their price range. While the listing exposes your home, it does not sell your home. Once buyers have targeted some attractive possibilities, they still turn to a local real estate agent to represent their best interests as they plan their purchase.

Talk in detail with your representative about your home’s online presence, and get some ideas from current offerings on the brokerage’s website. You can ask to preview your online listing and see the virtual tour of your property. More and more buyers are taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool, and you can also take full advantage by presenting your home in warm and bright full color photos and virtual tour.

Your agent should have the tools and skills necessary to put your home in the spotlight with great pictures. If you have some special pictures of your flower garden in full bloom, spring flowering trees, or fun filled times in your pool, you might want to furnish these to your agent to be included on their web site. Sometimes these pictures showing special times at your home can be just the thing that will catch your buyer’s eye. They’ll put themselves in the picture and make you an offer.

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