Kathy Henne: Looking Good in the Neighborhood


When you look your best, you attract attention. A recent survey of five hundred real estate professionals proves that it’s no different when it comes to marketing your home.

Eighty-two percent of those polled reported that buyers unimpressed by a home’s “curb appeal” won’t be interested in taking the time to look inside. Additionally, 90% of the agents explained that a sale depends greatly on the first impressions the buyer has when walking through the front door.

That same number also reported that the appearance of a home’s exterior is equally important as the interior features and condition. When buyers see your home from the street and the front walk, they feel that what they see is what they’ll get.

When you’re ready to list, work on your curb appeal and make sure the interior displays the same pride of ownership. Then have photographs accompany your listing on the agent’s website, Realtor.com, and all the other marketing tools your agent uses.

These photos may be the buyer’s first impression that will attract them to take a closer look. The more pictures you offer, the better your chance for a sale. Listings with one photo sold for a lower percent of the listing price than those with six or more pictures. When you do the math, you’ll see that an attractive home plus attractive marketing is the formula for success!

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