Kathy Henne: Maximize your returns with a minimum of hassle


By Kathy Henne

As you prepare to sell your home, you must begin by making a choice: to seek the services of a professional or to proceed without representation.

You realize that your home is probably your biggest financial investment, with a value that is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Now imagine if you had a legal problem involving that kind of money – would you prepare and present your own case to the judge without an attorney? Not surprisingly, managing legal issues is just one of the top reasons that most sellers seek the representation of an experienced real estate professional.

On the paperwork side, there are offers to purchase, sales agreements, inspection reports and knowing which repairs are habitability repairs that the seller is required to complete, title investigations, appraisals that come in under contract price, and more, all leading up to the final closing. On the personal side, there is the experience and skill required to successfully negotiate between parties, as well as to anticipate and resolve the myriad issues that can arise from listing to offer to purchase.

Considering the size of your investment, why would you put any of your nest egg at risk by forgoing the assistance and advice of an experienced professional? Maximize your returns with a minimum of hassle and cost. You wouldn’t go to court without an attorney, and you wouldn’t operate without out a surgeon. It’s easy to see that some things are just too important to handle without an expert.

Unrepresented sellers report that the three most difficult aspects behind For Sale by Owner are:

• Promoting the home effectively to qualified buyers

• Pricing their home correctly

• Understanding and completing legal paperwork

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