Kathy Henne: Multiple choice


Once you decide to list your home for sale, how long will it take to sell? How long should you give the agent to successfully market your home?

The best answer is to be reasonable. But what’s reasonable? 180 days? What about 365 days? Of course, there is no standard response.

Let’s look at how to determine the right amount of time in your situation. With each real estate market being different, it takes longer to sell a home in some areas than others. A home that may sell in 15 days in one city may take 90 days in another, or even six to nine months in yet another

Actually, the time needed to attract a buyer can be made longer or shorter by offering a higher or lower price, and better or less desirable terms and amenities.

Ask your agent to provide information relative to current selling times in your neighborhood. Discuss the factors that may help or hinder the sale of your home, and ask for your agent’s best estimate of selling time for your home. Then, allow the appropriate amount of time to properly market your home.

By giving a reasonable length of time in which to perform, you will have the complete determination of your agent, and will no doubt be pleased with the results – the ultimate sale of your home.

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