Kathy Henne: Pet proposals


Do you realize that six out of 10 American households have pets? That means that those without critter companions are in the minority, but if you’re a pet owner selling your home, you shouldn’t ignore the opinions of those families that don’t include cats or dogs.

Odors are the biggest issue. This isn’t to say that your housekeeping is not wonderful, but remember that some buyers who visit your home may experience allergies or be particularly sensitive to pet dander or pet odors. Remember to vacuum the carpet and furniture frequently and use an air sanitizer. Also, it’s a good idea to wash your pet’s bedding more often. It’s really difficult to get a great offer on a home that smells like a wet dog.

During the early stages of your listing, you’ll likely experience more frequent showings and visits by buyers. This is a particularly good time to make arrangements to have your pets stay with a friend or relative during showings or go for a ride with you. This is safer and less stressful for your pet than a constant parade of strangers coming through your home, and it will put buyers more at ease as well.

In any case, be sure to pick up and put away toys, bowls, and bedding in advance of a showing, just as you would tidy up the children’s things and other rooms throughout the house before buyers visit. No matter how scrupulously you maintain your home, you may want to offer to have your home and carpets cleaned before giving the buyer possession. This may quiet any potential objections to the pets in your home.


By Kathy Henne

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