Kathy Henne: Ready To Pay Cash?


Imagine choosing your next home, and then offering to pay cash. Think you would get the sellers’ attention? Would paying cash strengthen your value as a buyer? Whether or not you have the financial strength to pay cash, you can still gain the same advantage with very little effort.

To sellers, receiving the “cash” might simply means getting the highest possible offer for their home. The source of the final settlement check may be of no consequence to them. It doesn’t matter if the bulk of it comes from a mortgage lender or from your savings account.

The real benefit of a true cash offer is that the sellers need not worry that the buyers will not qualify for their loan. So, what if the buyers were already approved for their mortgage before even approaching the sellers? They inspect the sellers’ home, make a firm offer, and present a mortgage approval letter from the lender. Voila! An essentially “cash” offer has been put forth!

The first step in any home purchase today should be a visit to a great local lender. By providing the required financial information up-front, before even looking for a home, buyers can gain the advantage of making an offer to the seller that is as good as cash. An added bonus is that they’ll know exactly how much home they can afford to buy and what the payments will be. No sticker shock! No post contract heart attack. Just happiness and smiling faces.

Planning to buy a home? Want the sellers to take you seriously? Obtain your mortgage approval first for a very satisfying home purchase experience. If you need some guidance in choosing a lender, contact a real estate agent. They’ll be happy to give you information on our great local lenders. Take a little bit of time up front to do your home buying homework and get pre-approved for your loan.

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