Kathy Henne: Reward yourself


Have you ever tried selling a car by placing a classified ad? How did you feel when prospective buyers said the car wasn’t worth the asking price, and needed extensive repairs? Were you offended or did you feel defensive?

When selling your home on the local real estate market, you may hear the same objections, even if they are more politely spoken. Do those comments mean you will have to reduce your price to achieve a sale? Not necessarily – if you are represented by an experienced agent.

One vital service an agent performs is to act as a buffer between sellers and buyers. Because buyers offer their objections to the agent, in a neutral atmosphere, feelings are not offended, nor are defenses raised. The agent simply listens, and then addresses the buyer’ concerns in an objective manner.

Recognizing that certain features of the home may be attractive to the prospects, these features may be presented as offsetting benefits, thus neutralizing buyers’ concerns. This eliminates the need to offer price reductions as the only solution to objections. Precious seller equity is protected and preserved.

When selling, your agent will suggest that you not be present during the showings. Buyers will rarely mention objections in front of the home’s owners, thus the agent may lose an opportunity to dispel the prospects’ concerns.

Protect your home investment. Reward yourself with the benefits of representation by a professional, experienced local real estate agent.

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