Kathy Henne: The Quick and The Dead


By Kathy Henne

When you start planning to put your home on the market, it’s time to show off! Try to imagine that your in-laws are coming for an extended visit, and then triple the effort you would put into preparing for their arrival. Most sellers are competing for offers from qualified buyers, and it all starts at your front door — literally. Stand at the curb in front of your home and really look at the front of your home. Is there any peeling paint around your windows? Are there weeds or dead flowers in your flower bed? Is your front lawn littered with items that should be put away? Does your front door look inviting?

Impress potential buyers at first sight with a well-tended lawn and entryway. When they walk through the door, make sure they do not sense any clutter. Most buyers tell me that they decided to buy or not buy a home when they first walked through the front door and felt the impression of the home. If they’re tripping over excess furniture or overwhelmed by the clutter, your home will not make a good first impression. You’ve got to pack everything up sooner or later, so quickly take the opportunity to do it now, before another agent or their buyers step into your home.

Rent a storage unit. Put extra furniture, large pieces of luggage, out of season clothing, and all the excess “stuff” you have jammed into your closets in the storage unit. Have you ever heard anyone say they’re looking for a home with smaller closets than they have now? Of course not. Everyone wants more closet space. If your closets are packed wall to wall, they will look small, even if they are adequate in size.

An abundance of personal items like photos and children’s “refrigerator art” can interfere with a buyer’s ability to picture the home as their own. And you should never have posters on the wall that might offend anyone visiting your home.

Next, if it should shine, make it so! Polish doorknobs, handrails, and lighting fixtures. This will add a little sparkle and show your pride of ownership. This includes windows and screens, which should let in plenty of natural light for the buyers’ visit.

First impressions really do count when it comes to presenting your home to potential buyers. Accentuate your home’s features and eliminate distractions such as personal items or unpleasant odors. Have the carpets cleaned and wash all the pet bedding often. An uncluttered, well kept home will attract buyers, and a little time and care can make the difference between a quick sale or not.

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