Kinetic offers faster broadband


COVINGTON — Faster broadband is now available from Kinetic by Windstream.

As part of a multi-year plan, $2 billion initiative to dramatically expand gigabit internet service, Kinetic has deployed fiber to bring blazing fast internet to the homes and businesses of Covington.

“Kinetic is dedicated to delivering fast broadband speed at competitive rates with unmatched service,” Jeff Small, president of Kinetic, said. “Our customers need connections to allow them to live, work and go to school wherever they live.”

The deployment brings gigabit speeds to 1,138 homes and businesses in the area.

Kinetic is committed to deploying fiber to communities across the 18-state Kinetic footprint. This fast, reliable connection allows residential customers gig speeds to navigate the internet safely from home with no lag times while the work, school or stream entertainment services. Businesses ranging from small to enterprise can take advantage of the fiber-backed network to deploy solutions that make their companies more efficient and profitable such as OfficeSuite UC® and SD-WAN.

Customers can call 855.804.6925 to find out if they are eligible for a speed upgrade and how Kinetic can help meet their home or business needs.

To learn more, visit

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