Kudos to PHS’s faculty, staff, students


To the editor:

Three cheers to the faculty, staff, and students of Piqua High School. On Friday, March 31, friends and I attended the yearly Senior Citizens breakfast. Sincere thank you Emily Shawler and all of the volunteers for all the work before and during the really enjoyable morning. We appreciate the students that graciously served us and the great cafeteria staff. The jazz band, led by Mr. Wyatt Heinz, and the amazing student performers showed us how talented they are. Several junior high students gave us a short look at their upcoming show, “The Adams Family”. Then to top off the morning, the enormously talented Show Choir performed two musical numbers under the direction of Mr. Tom Westfall. I’m sure everyone would agree it was a most enjoyable event.

The week before my friends and I had the good fortune to attend the musical “Mama Mia” at the high school. My compliments to Mr. Westfall and the amazing performers. So much talent and Mr. Westfall brings out the best in the students.

It amazes me how these young men and women can master all they are involved in, plus sports and a large number are superior academic students.

God bless all involved for entertaining the senior citizens.

Edna Stiefel


PS. Don’t miss the final Show Choir “Just Us” concert on May 20th.

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