14 COVID-19 deaths reported in county


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MIAMI COUNTY — Two more deaths — for a total of 14 — and six more COVID-19 related cases have been reported in Miami County.

Miami County Coroner Dr. William Ginn has identified the 11th COVID-19 victim as Douglas Marshall, 72, Troy. Mr. Marshall was a resident of Koester Pavilion.

The 12th victim, Marion Miller, 77, Troy, died in his home and has no relation to the Koester Pavilion or SpringMeade Health Center nursing homes, according to Dr. Ginn. Mr. Miller was coronavirus positive. This is the first known death that would be community spread.

The names of the latest two victims are not yet available, according to Dr. Ginn.

Revised case definitions and guidelines have contributed to the increase in the reported number of deaths, according to MCPH staff. Under the new guidelines, individuals who may have not been tested, but are listed with a “probable COVID-19” status, will now be included in COVID-19 related death reports.

Dr. Ginn said the average age of those who have passed due to the virus as of Tuesday was 82.

The number of coronavirus cases in the county increased from 101 Tuesday to 107 on Wednesday, according to the MCPH. The case onset date range is March 2 to April 7 with an age range of less than 1 year old to 96 years old.

There are now 41 hospitalizations in the county due to coronavirus, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

According to Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton, the next few weeks for Ohio will be more challenging as we reach the projected peak in new cases and hospitalization due to COVID-19 infections. As test results continue to be reported and more testing opportunities become available the increase could happen quickly, Acton said.

It is important to remember that this is expected and that community members need to be more diligent in following the Stay-At-Home order and social distancing recommendations, according to MCPH staff. If you can limit trips, please do so, but if you have to make necessary trips to grocery stores or other essential businesses, it is recommended that you wear a mask wherever social distancing can be difficult, MCPH staff requests.

In Ohio, as of Wednesday, there are 5,148 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 1,495 of those hospitalized. There are 472 people in intensive care, according to Acton.

The age range is from under 1 year old to 101, with a median age of 54. Those affected are 48 percent males and 52 percent females.

Acton said 193 deaths have been recorded in the state as of Wednesday.

Two victims identified

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