Law of attraction


By Kathy Henne

Contibuting columnist

Have you ever played with a small magnet and a handful of paper clips? If you first scatter the paper clips on the table, then slowly move the magnet across the tabletop, what happens? The loose paperclips quickly move towards the magnet, don’t they?

To sell your home in the shortest time and at the best price, it must attract buyers like the magnet attracted the paper clips. To do this, there must first be paperclips on the table. That is to say, there must be potential buyers in the market. Our current real estate market is ripe with qualified potential buyers for your home.

Next, your home must be sufficiently magnetized to attract those prospects. What makes it attractive? First, your price, condition and terms must favorably match those offered by similar homes currently for sale. Your house needs to be priced competitively with other similar homes in your area. Your Realtor will be able to give you information on similar homes currently on the market, ones that have sold recently and their sale prices and homes that died on the market because their price, condition or terms were rejected by the market. Secondly, your home must be in showroom condition so that your pride of ownership is unquestionable. You never know when a buyer will request to visit your home on short notice. If you send that buyer away, they may purchase one of the homes that you’re competing against and you’ll loose the opportunity. So, it’s best to keep on top of the laundry, keep the clutter picked up and be ready for short notice visits from potential buyers. The buyers who see it will become overwhelmed with enthusiasm and know that they will need to make an offer quickly before your house is snapped up by another buyer.

Finally, the magnet (your home) must be placed on the table. In other words, it must be visible and in close proximity to prospective buyers. Your Realtor provides this service under the banner of marketing strategy. Your house needs to be visible to the most potential buyers. You need to be visible in the places potential buyers will be looking. By exposing your home far and wide through a variety of promotional activities, buyers will recognize the value of your home and be pulled in the direction of purchasing your home.

Want your home to sell? Magnetize it through personal effort and wisdom combined with your Realtor’s professional advise and marketing plan.

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