Lehman to present ‘Curtains!’


SIDNEY — Lehman Catholic High School will present their 45th annual spring musical and the area premiere of “Curtains!” From the songwriting team of John Kander and Fred Ebb (Cabaret, Chicago) comes this delightful musical comedy who-dun-it. The show will be performed at the Historic Sidney Theatre in downtown Sidney on Thursday, March 23, at 7 p.m., Friday, March 24, at 8 p.m., and Saturday, March 25, at 8 p.m. All seats are reserved. To get tickets, go to Sidneytheatre.org/Events.

The cast of a new musical Robbin’ Hood of the Old West has just completed their first performance of out-of-town tryout in Boston when the leading lady collapses during the curtain call. As they lament her demise, the cast meets Lt. Frank Cioffi who informs them that she was murdered and they are all suspects. Cioffi, who loves musical theater as much as he loves being a detective, confines the cast to the theater as he investigates. After a number of plots twists and turns, Cioffi solves the mystery, saves the show, and falls in love.

In the lead role of Lt. Frank Cioffi is senior Thomas Schmiesing, son of Joe and Erica Schmiesing, of Anna. Show producer Carmen Bernstein is played by junior Ellia Stumpo, daughter of Rob and Kristen Stumpo, of Botkins. In the role of Niki Harris is junior Valerie Rindler, daughter of Dean and Linda Rindler, of Sidney. Songwriter Aaron Fox is senior Mark Moloney, son of Mark and Lisa Molone,y of Sidney. Songwriter turned star Georgia Hendricks is played by junior Leah Zimmerman, daughter of Bill and Tricia Zimmerman, of Sidney.

Other leading players are senior Mara Flood (director Chris Belling), senior Hezekiah Bezy (Bobby Pepper), sophomore Isabel Flores (Bambi Berne), junior Lily Peltier (Joanie Harmon), senior Emma Keykens (diva Jessica Cranshaw), and senior Thomas White (theatre critic Daryl Grady).

Additional speaking roles are played by Gus Schmiesing (Sidney Bernstein), Jack Meyer (Oscar Shapiro), O’Keefe Cooper (Randy), Calvin Linson (Harv), Matthew Galbreath (Detective O’Farrell), Emilee Van Skiver (Roberta), Ryan Fitchpatrick (Mona) and Daria Lee (Marjorie).

Members of the chorus include Rosemarie Armstrong, Thaddeus Bezy, Zipporah Bezy, Dublin Cooper, Chase Fitchpatrick, Alex Giguere, Alex Goubeaux, Jadyn Gunnell, Miley Heffelfinger, Anya Kobe, Anna Minneci, Genevieve O’Leary, Madison O’Leary, Leopold Schmiesing, Magdalene Schmeising, Margaret Schmiesing, Rosemarie Schmiesing and Eliza Westerheide.

Curtains is directed by Bill Zimmerman Jr. with assistance from Kaitrin O’Leary Neu. Emily Pax is the musical director and accompanist. Choreography is by Shari Williams and vocal coaching by MaKenna Cabe Russell. Tricia Zimmerman is the committee organizer and Elaine Schweller-Snyder is the production consultant. Senior Ryan Armstrong is the student stage manager.

Musicians include Ken and Mary Beth Monnier, Jamie Birkmeyer, Elaine Schweller-Snyder, Chad Heffelfinger, Teckla Dando, Kristen Akers and Gail Ahmed. Parent Committee chairs include Kevin and Anne Schmiesing, set; Melissa Galbreath, costumes; Sheila Keykens and Julie Linson, props; Bree Bezy, rehearsal meals; Robin Fitchpatrick, makeup; Charlene O’Leary, hair; Emily O’Leary, publicity; Heather Cooper, flower sale; Tricia Zimmerman, tickets and ushers; and Linda Rindler, cast party.

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