Letter: A DORA-experienced opinion


To the Editor:

My friend Katie and I were having a discussion the other day, and she brought up her reason for supporting the Dora. We both felt this could help someone that may be on the fence.

“I love the idea of having a DORA located here in Troy. After spending time in the Oregon District in Dayton and a few other locations throughout the state, I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated the sense of community that comes along with a DORA. Friends are out spending time together, people are shopping and eating and having fun.

I have a 1.5-year-old child. We try our best not to let her schedule dictate our lives, but there are certain things we can and can’t do. Having the DORA would allow my family to spend time together, but also allow for a small fraction of ‘adult’ time, if for no other reason than to enjoy one drink on a lovely stroll down our beautiful downtown area. It would eliminate the need to ask for a babysitter, which can be difficult to find at times.

Instead of driving all the way down to the Oregon District when friends and family come to visit, we could stay local and check out all the shops, etc. that are local. I truly believe that our small businesses would benefit greatly, as they’d be within the DORA area. I understand some think the DORA would put a burden on the businesses by ‘forcing them to stay open later and having to hire more employees,’ but I would wager that any of these businesses who participate in this DORA have already considered this possibility and don’t look at it negatively.

Anyone who supports our local small businesses in Troy will tell you they love the thought of generating more revenue for these businesses, and I truly believe the DORA would positively impact the city. If you’ve never experienced or been to a DORA area, please, before you cast a yay or nay, check one out. Some would lead you to believe that DORA’s bring out all the drunks, but if you’ve ever visited a DORA, I think most would be pleasantly surprised to see that it’s more about community and people aren’t there to ‘just get drunk and party.’”

Vote yes, and don’t miss out on this opportunity that so many other communities are experiencing and enjoying.

— Tony Small


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