Letter: Business owner who is excited to see DORA come to our city


To the Editor:

Citizens of Troy,

I am writing as a downtown business owner who is excited to see DORA come to our city. We are grateful for the vision that our city leaders saw in this innovative economic development tool. These DORA locations are popping up all over Ohio, and these outdoor drinking zones are used to draw patrons, revitalize downtown areas, ease outdoor dining restrictions, and increase retail and restaurant development. And they have proven to be successful in achieving these goals. Most DORA hours are Monday through Saturday, ours is limited to Thursday through Saturday. There are no all day Mardi Gras happening as a result. Participation by local vendors in the DORA is voluntary. Businesses are free to participate or not, and signs on each establishment indicate whether they serve, welcome or are not participating in the DORA.

Why the opposition by those without a business in the zone? Just another projection of something that will destroy our town, like Mumford?

There will still be the same laws to follow, you must be over 21 to purchase a DORA drink. Most restaurants have a designated area to purchase a DORA cup, everyone is required to show an ID, and it allows them to be more vigilant with determining if someone has had enough.

To be informed on the rules and regulations involved with DORA, visit the City of Troy website, https://troyohio.gov/755/DORA, or any of the other 60 cities in Ohio that are currently beaming about their success. Including the overwhelming positivity from the city of Akron, the founding city of AA.

Our shop will be inside of the DORA footprint, and we look forward to the opportunities it will offer for many events downtown, as well as working together with other downtown businesses to ensure it’s success.

Although I am a downtown business owner, my home is located (five minutes from my shop) in an area where I cannot vote on this issue. So I ask that you help advocate for me by voting yes for DORA.

— Jules Harris


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