Letter: Development Plan updated under Lee’s administration


To the Editor:

It is important to note the improvements to the city of Piqua since the election of Piqua City Commissioners Chris Grissom, Thomas Fogt and Piqua City Commissioner and Mayor Kris Lee since they were instrumental in the hiring of a new City Manager L. Paul Oberdorfer .

The Piqua Economic Strategic Development Plan has been updated during Mayor Lee’s administration. (Source: https://bit.ly/3uUeFAN) The previous outdated plan focusing on “Piqua tourism” had not been updated since 2014 (source: https://bit.ly/PiquaEconomicDevelopment)

Mayor Lee’s administration’s updated version includes focus on jobs with business and industrial growth that will provide needed revenues for Piqua’s infrastructure. Some of those new economic development sources include the “Polysource expansion project – An 180,000 SF addition to the existing building doubling the size of the facility and creating new jobs. The $6.5 MM improvement slated to be complete this fall is supported by a Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) incentive offered by the City of Piqua.” (Source: updated August 17, 2021), and “Aesthetic Finishers expansion project – An addition to the existing building will allow Aesthetic Finishers to install additional equipment and facilitate and the continued growth of the business. The expansion will create the need for additional employees and will also include improvements to the parking lot surrounding the building. The project is slated to be complete this fall…” (Source: updated August 17, 2021), and “Harmony Systems – Recently acquired Protomold and intends to continue serving Protomold’s existing customer base along with tapping into the plants underutilized capacity to allow Harmony Systems to further grow their business. The existing employees will be retained and new employees will be added and the business volumes increase. The new facility will be known as Harmony Systems Plant #2” (Source: updated August 17, 2021).

More industrial news and new businesses locating in Piqua can be found on the above mentioned Piqua web sites. During Mayor Lee’s administration there has been more transparency with City Manager Oberdorfer continuing to keep citizens posted on current projects on the Piqua web page for full transparency in city government.

It is important to keep professional business owners and MBA’s experience in Piqua as they have proven they are bringing businesses and industrial growth to Piqua. Jobs bring revenue to the city, which lessens the burden on all of the citizens. Please continue the positive momentum in our city by re-electing Piqua City Commissioner Chris Grissom and Piqua City Commissioner and Mayor Kris Lee.

— Terry D. Wright


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