Letter: Do your job


To the Editor:

As of July 30, Miami County is in the top 8 counties (red level) for Covid transmission in Ohio. Only 38.7% of the people have been vaccinated.

The following are the lead officials in our county.


Andrew Miller-West Milton

Lenny Wirz-Pleasant Hill

Ed McCord-Covington

Kris Lee-Piqua

Robin Oda-Troy

Joseph Gibson-Tipp City

Patricia Neisley-Ludlow Falls

Dawn Vanover-Casstown

Ken James-Laura

Penny Reed-Fletcher

Steven Post-Potsdam

Don Stump-Bradford

Along with the mayors are all of the council members and city commissioners.

Miami County Commissioners:

Gregory Simmons

Ted Mercer

Wade Westfall

State and federal reps:

Jena Powell-State House of Representatives

Stephen Huffman-State Senate

Warren Davidson-Congressman

Why are they not pushing vaccinations? Many of them have either been negative towards vaccines, masks, etc. or they have said nothing.

Your job is to protect the residents of this county, so do your job.

Four out of 10 people vaccinated in Miami County is ridiculous.

— John Campbell


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