Letter: Everyone needs Judge Nasal


To the Editor:

On Nov. 2, we will be voting for Miami County Municipal Court Judge. It is a countywide seat, meaning that everyone in Miami County charged with a traffic offense or a misdemeanor offense punishable by a year or less in jail or with a civil suit of $15,000 or less or a small claims suit or filing or facing an eviction will appear in the Miami County Municipal Court. The vast majority of people who have a case in the civil or criminal justice system in the county will appear in Municipal Court. And if it happens to you, you will want a qualified, experienced, fair, and just Judge on your case, right?

That’s why I’m supporting Judge Gary Nasal for re-election as Miami County Municipal Court Judge. Judge Nasal’s background in court and out have given him an understanding of the significance of even the smallest case to those involved. They deserve the same attention as every other litigant in every other case.

He brings to the Municipal Court experience with a huge variety of civil and criminal litigation forged by six years in the private practice, 18-plus years as County Prosecutor, and eight-plus years as your Municipal Court Judge. His opponent has not appeared in your Municipal Court as attorney of record since 2007, according to court records. We have never heard from her whether she has ever tried a case as lead counsel in any court, let alone presided over a jury trial with someone’s liberty at stake. Don’t you think you want someone with the qualifications and experience necessary to insure that if you or a loved one ends up in a trial, civil or criminal, that you will feel like that person got a fair shake from a qualified judge? If so, vote to keep Nasal judge on Nov. 2. Experience and qualifications count.

— Eric Williamson


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