Letter: Inflation and the Green Agenda


To the Editor:

What did Mr. Biden and his advisors think would happen to the price of goods when he issued some of his first executive orders doing his best to destroy the oil and gas industry in this country? Not only did he destroy thousands of jobs, but in my opinion, he opened the door for inflation.

Of course the most direct impact that we see is the price of operating our vehicles. I am retired and car expense is not quite so bad for us, but when I do fill up its $10 to $15 more maybe three times a month.

But stop and think about the everyday items. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s webpage, there are over 6,000 everyday items manufactured using petrochemicals derived from oil and natural gas that modern life relies on. Of those 6,000 plus items, the webpage has a detailed list of 150 items, which include such things as antihistamines, adhesives, bandages, hearing aids, contact lens, backpacks, clothing, carpets, laptops, cell phones, computer parts, asphalt, shingles, paint, plywood, and yes, even solar panels and blades for wind turbines. And fertilizer — I recently read it will be increasing so say hello to even higher food prices.

Unfortunately, Biden seems to be consumed by the extreme liberal wing of his party pushing its green agenda. The problem with all the climate change propaganda is China. Based on a report by the International Energy Agency, “China is the only major economy where coal demand increased in 2020 and is expected to increase again in 2021, reaching its highest levels ever.” The Chinese coal power fleet represent around one-third of global coal consumption. But China is considered a developing nation by international standards despite having the world’s second-largest economy and is not bound to make any carbon dioxide emissions reductions, nor is it bound to cap its emissions. So while most of the rest of the world tries to address climate issues, China just thumbs its nose at us. And to show how stupid the rest of the world is — China is the world leader in solar panels and wind turbines. As we try to bring more renewable energy sources online, we negatively impact the climate because of the use of coal, as an energy source, by China, for production of all that renewal energy equipment.

Common on man.

— William Cox


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